Muntigunung, Bali

Photojournalism in Muntigunung, Bali

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This is a collection of photos I took whilst hiking up the hills of Muntigunung to shoot my film, Harapan.

The terrain was dusty and dry due to weather patterns formed by being so close to Mount Agung, this in turn meant that the region was quite poor and drinking water was hard to come by. The women of Muntigunung had to trek to Lake Batur in order to collect water, jobs were scarce and education for children was non-existent. Many of the women of Muntigunung made a living by begging in the town of Ubud and Kuta.

However thanks to the work of the Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise, the fortunes of Muntigunung’s inhabitants has changed. Various enterprises from cashew factories, hammock making, batik weaving and more have been setup in order to empower the community, offering a more sustainable form of income instead of begging.

The results have been brilliant for the people of Muntigunung who now have easy access to clean drinking water, education for their children and most importantly – jobs which empower them.

You can watch the film here.