The Jungle

Photojournalism in Calais
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Project Description

Calais’ unofficial refugee camp, dubbed “The Jungle”, had been growing rapidly since 2014. It’s estimated that around 6000 refugees, migrants and asylum seekers resided here in Septemeber 2015 when I crossed the channel to visit. Living in tents and makeshift accommodation, the refugees lack proper sanitation and general living standards in the camp are not humane.

Photographing in the Jungle was really hard. Understandably, not many people were prepared to have their photo taken. Most of these people had left their families and fled their violent conflict in their homelands, therefore they were worried about the consequences of photos getting into the wrong hands.

As I was on assignment making a video documentary, taking photographs was not the priority. Still I tried my best to take some shots that really captured the terrible living conditions, the desire to leave and the sense of unity among the refugees.

You can see the video documentary here.