Project Info

Client Sawah Bali/Bali Bunda
Skills Directing/Shooting/Editing

Project Description

Farmers of Bali’s famous rice fields are taking a stand against the rampant growth of the tourism industry.

Bali’s tourism industry continues to break records with increasing numbers of people arriving on the shores of this mystical Hindu island each year.

However with the development of the tourism industry has come the decline of Bali’s sought after lush green landscapes. The famous rice field’s of Bali are one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions, yet these paddies are being concreted over on a daily basis to build villas – for the tourists.

Foreign investors and large hotel corporations are offering relatively poor farmers huge wheelbarrows of cash in return for their ancestral land. Many farmers jump at the chance of gaining such a fortune, yet others have decided to take a stand and continue their traditional way of life.

Sawah looks at the story of one farmer who has refused copious amounts of money from investors who have already begun to disrupt the local community.

The NGO Sawah Bali is there to support farmers, teach them organic techniques and help them face up to investors looking to buy their land.

Bali’s famous restaurant and market chain “Bali Bunda” is proud to support the organic farmers of Sawah Bali by purchasing their heritage rice.


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Sydney Morning Herald
Huck Magazine
Bali Coconuts


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